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Customer Service

Did your snack get stuck? Did one of our machines keep the change? Experiencing a different type of issue with our machines?

Customer Service: Quality Control

How It Works

Let Us Know What Happened

All of our machines will have a customized customer service QR code that customers can scan. The code will take them to a customer service form for them to fill out. 

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Next Steps

Once we review customer service submissions, we will respond within 2 business days in order to resolve the issue.

Elbow Grease

For all maintenance requests, we will need access to the premises and machine in order to assess the issue. We will provide weekly status reports of any repairs in progress. Once repairs have been completed, we will promptly inform you.

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We want to make sure that we provide our clients and customers with the services and products that they want and need. All of our machines have a customized QR code for customer feedback. When you scan the code, you can take our customer survey to provide us with feedback so that we can work towards improving our offerings and services.

Customer Service: Services
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Customer Service


Customer Feedback Flyers

Customer Service: About Us
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